Provides an alternative for players preferring to rest their bottom hand at the base.

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Barrel : Large/Long
Knob : Conventional
Handle : Thin; 15/16″
Lengths : 32-36″

Nearly identical to the signature DK-1, the DK-2 is a balanced bat ideal for contact and power hitters alike. Like the DK-1, this bat is equipped with a thick handle and long, large barrel, but it has a conventional rather than a flared knob. This is ideal for hitters that prefer to rest their bottom hand at the base of the bat.

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Ash, Birch, Maple


31 inches, 31.5 inches, 32 inches, 32.5 inches, 33 inches, 33.5 inches, 34 inches, 34.5 inches, 35 inches, 35.5 inches, 36 inches


Black, Cherry, Clear, Dark Grey, Unfinished, Walnut


Black, Cherry, Clear, Unfinished, Walnut


Cupped, Not Cupped