MAPLE is a dense and hard wood. The hardness of the
maple makes the ball jump off the bat, and if you listen
carefully, you can hear the difference. Maple is a closed
grain wood making the appearance of the bat much
smoother than ash. The grains are not as pronounced as
open grain woods like ash and oak. Due to the hardness,
maple will not flake like ash because the grains will not
separate even after several hits. The maple will fracture from
the inside out. Often times, hitters may have hit a ball on
the hands or end of the bat, and be unaware their bat is
susceptible to breaking on a ball they hit on the barrel (the
bat may have been fractured on a previous hit).

ASH has been the traditional bat of choice in the major
leagues, but due to the popularity of maple, and now
birch, ash is no longer the only choice. When a ball is hit
with an ash bat, there is a trampoline effect similar to that
of an aluminum bat (not to the same degree). The ash
compresses and springs due to its flexibility. The effect on
the ash is that over several hits, the grains will separate. Ash
bats do not shatter the way a maple bat will because of the
flexion in the wood.

BIRCH is stronger than ash, and more flexible than maple.
Birch does not flake like ash. A lighter wood, birch allows for
larger barrels and, therefore a larger “sweet spot.” Zorian
Bat Co. is currently conducting field tests in professional and
amateur baseball to determine annual production demands
for its birch bats.

Zorian Bat Co. is continually testing various hardwoods
including hickory and red oak to offer our players a choice
in wood types that best fit their individual needs. Through
the vacuum kiln drying process, moisture is extrapolated
from the wood at an accelerated pace enabling for a faster
manufacturing pace as well as the necessary research and
development phase. Zorian Bat Co. prides itself on being
among the first companies to develop maple and birch for
professional and amateur baseball.

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