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Established in 2003 by baseball lifer Rob Zorian, the  Zorian: America’s Baseball Brand had made great strides in transforming itself from being a small custom wood baseball bat company in Rhode Island, to getting a name change in 2018 that remains to this day, Zorian: America’s Brand. 

Zorian: America's Baseball Brand

Our bats can be seen on every level from Youth Leagues up through the Major Leagues.

What Separates Us from the Competition?

When you have a question with other companies, you will call or email them and speak to a random manager or staffer that might be able to answer your questions. Any time you have a question or want to contact us; we offer direct access to our owner, Rob, as well as our administrative support staff to provide a grand slam customer service experience.

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DK-1 (brown)
Matte Bats
Fielding Glove
zorian sunglasses4
zorian sunglasses
Copy of CH-8 12.75 L - 02