The Zorian Story

Rob Zeytoonian started Zorian Bat Company, literally, out of the trunk of his car in May of 2003 in Davie, Florida. The name Zorian, is of Armenian derivation, and means “strong.” Rob came up with Zorian by combining his last name, Zeytoonian, and his Grandma Mary’s last name, Krikorian, and thus the company was created! Years later, Rob officially changed his last name to Zorian.

The mission of the company was simple. Rob wanted every player, whether a major leaguer or a little leaguer to have access to, and to be able to swing, big league lumber.

Now, Zorian Sports, LLC, in addition to their signature line of wood bats, continues to develop sporting goods equipment and apparel, both for the baseball and sports world.

Rob is an advocate for youth sports and continues to train baseball players in his adopted hometown of Cranston, Rhode Island, where he lives with his family.

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